Book Reviews

Reiffen's Choice
by S.C. Butler

Tolkien meets Harry Potter in the first of this three book series. Reiffen's Choice harkens back to the traditional fantasy tales of old. Fun and entertaining, it's a good read, albeit not entirely original.

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Lord of the Isles
by David Drake

The pacing is all wrong on this one, with characters that are flung at the reader and just as quickly tossed away.

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Lord of the Fire Lands
by Dave Duncan

Lord of the Fire Lands by Dave Duncan continues the story begun in The Gilded Chain and ends with a twist that so surprised me I didn't wait long to pick up the next in the series. Duncan continues to impress!

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Lord Darcy
by Randall Garrett

Flat characters never instilled in me a desire to see or care if the crimes were solved. Lord Darcy is a fail for me.

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Assassin’s Fate
by Robin Hobb

Assassin's Fate is everything you might expect from Hobb as her masterful storytelling intertwines all of the disparate Elderling worlds and brings to a close the story of one of fantasy's most beloved characters.

Book Reviews

The Gilded Chain
by Dave Duncan

A fun adventure full of colorful characters, intrigue, magic, and, of course, the King's Blades.

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Sweet Silver Blues
by Glen Cook

Led me down such a herky-jerky path that the only thing clear to me was that I was not going to continue with the series.

Movie Reviews

Black Panther

Visually stunning, exceptional characters, great action, and more humor than I was expecting. I don’t know what else to say about Black Panther but to go see it.

Book Reviews

Penric’s Demon
by Lois McMaster Bujold

A fun, fast, enjoyable read that sets the stage for many adventures ahead as we explore the intriguing relationship between Penric and Desdemona.