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Hell Divers III: Deliverance

Deliverance maintains the fast pace of the previous novels, but the writing, which continues to remain shallow, and the lack of any real character development took this one down a notch compared to the early novels in the series.

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Hell Divers II: Ghosts
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

A fast-paced, fun novel that isn't going to dazzle you with its sophisticated writing but which will take you along for one hell of a ride.

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Of Blood and Honey
by Stina Leicht

Of Blood and Honey is perhaps the most literary urban fantasy book I’ve read in recent memory. Don't let the "fey and the fallen" subtitle fool you, either. There's a lot of grit here and characters who may surprise you if you let them.

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by Scott Oden

Historical fiction at its best. Memnon is a character that history knows so little about, yet Oden breathes a spectacular life into him and has written a superb book.

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The Bard’s Blade
by Brian D. Anderson

Sometimes a book just doesn’t work; this is one of those times. The Bard’s Blade may be the beginning of an exciting epic fantasy adventure for some, but I’m concluding my foray into this series with this first book.

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By Fire Above
by Robyn Bennis

By Fire Above picks up right where The Guns Above left off, with strong characters, an engaging story, gripping action, and a world that is both fantastic but also almost believable.