Book Reviews

Azura Ghost (The Graven #2)
by Essa Hansen

While the fantastic tech is no less prevalent in this second book in the Graven series, the storytelling and character development are ratcheted up a few notches to make this an exciting, bold read.

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Evil is a Matter of Perspective
by Adrian Collins

A high quality collection of short stories with a uniquely evil perspective.

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Acolytes of Cthulhu
by Robert M. Price

If you’re looking for a collection that leans more towards the classic style of Lovecraft then I think Acolytes of Cthulhu is a worthy addition to your TBR list.

Epic Fantasy

The Winter of the Witch
by Katherine Arden

It's never easy saying goodbye to such engaging characters, but I was left with a satisfying conclusion and the fulfillment of many character arcs so I'm happy.

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A fantastical, family-friendly horror film that has all the right elements for some seriously spooky fun.

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Sun of Suns
by Karl Schroeder

A little confusing at times, Sun of Suns is nevertheless an excellent book with some beautiful worldbuilding.

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Hell Divers II: Ghosts
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

A fast-paced, fun novel that isn't going to dazzle you with its sophisticated writing but which will take you along for one hell of a ride.

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By Fire Above
by Robyn Bennis

By Fire Above picks up right where The Guns Above left off, with strong characters, an engaging story, gripping action, and a world that is both fantastic but also almost believable.

Book Reviews

The Guns Above
by Robyn Bennis

War is hell, and no less so than on the hurricane deck of the Mistral, an airship whose captain, Lieutenant Josette Dupre, must muster her crew and fight through impossible odds or perish under the guns of their enemies. Needless to say, this book defines rip-roaring adventure.